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You 2007

"Antonia Bellanca, the livewire perfumer behind Antonia's Flowers fragrance range, is a family woman at heart. Her house on Cape Cod reflects her passions, and it's seaside setting has inspired her newest scent."




 "Spring Hot List"




"The Best Things in Life"
 "The Best Things in Life?"



"The Age of Perfume"



"Through a Glass Brightly"

Marie Claire   Marie Claire 2008

"Beauty Editor's Choice"
Vogue UK   Vogue UK 2008

"Soap Story"
Beauty & The Dirt   Beauty & The Dirt 2008

"Daily Dirt"
SHE   SHE 2008

"Winning Scents"
Grove   Choice November 2007

"Scent of a Woman"
Beauty & The Dirt   Beauty & The Dirt October 2007

"Dream a little dream ..."
You   You October 2007

"PART I - Queen of the Spray"
You   You October 2007

"PART II - Queen of the Spray"
WWD   WWD Fall 2007

"Mood Swings"
The New York Times   The New York Times August 2007

"PART I - Sometimes in Life ..."
The New York Times   The New York Times August 2007

"PART II - Sometimes in Life ..."
New York Times Style   New York Times Style Spring 2007

"Ghost flowers ..."
Daily Express   Daily Express February 2007

"A Fragrance Inspired ..."
Town & Country   Town & Country February 2007

"Dreams of the sea ..."
Choice   Choice December 2006

"Classics of the future?"
Elle   Elle December 2006

"I'm a sucker for packaging!"
Vogue   Vogue December 2006

"Sogni del Mare ...".
Vanity Fair   Vanity Fair September 2006

"2006 Best Dressed Couples ..."
Easy Living   Easy Living August 2005

"Perfume is like a bunch of keys ..."
Asian Woman   Asian Woman June/July 2005

"Flower Power ...".
Wedding   Wedding June/July 2005

"Antonia's Flowers Floret ...".
WM   WM Summer 2005

"Go for Florals ...".
Home   Home April 2005

"Smell is the most evocative of all the senses ...".
Closer   Closer March 2005

"Floral Mother's Day Treats ...".
Glamour   Glamour January 2005

"The scent of Tiempe Passate Body Creme is truly unique ...".
Japan   Japan January 2005

"Making it's debut in 1985 ...".
Cosmo   Cosmo August 2004

"Eve's preconcert ritual consists of dabbing on Floret ...".
You   You August 2004

"A true beauty classic ...".
Heat   Heat August 2004

"Lisa Kudrow is a huge fan of Antonia's Flowers ...".
Vogue   Vogue July 2004

"Tiempe Passate Body Creme".
Tatler   Tatler July 2004

"Freesia Fragrance".
She   She July 2004

"Gold Rush - Tiempe Passate".
Style   Style May 2004

"The Sweet Smell of Success".
Brides   Brides February 2004

"Ursala Ferigno".
People   PEOPLE 2003

"Eve's a sweetheart with a big sense of humor"
Harpers   Harpers December 2003

"Sheherazade Goldsmith".
Tiempe Passate   Three Sixty Spring 2003

"Discover your signature scent".
Eve   EVE November 2002

"Discover your signature scent".
Allure   ALLURE October 2002

"Eve never goes anywhere without her good-luck charm, a bottle of Antonia's Flowers Floret"
Town and Country   TOWN AND COUNTRY January 2002

Antonia's thoughts on "What Matters Most" after September 11, 2001
Wedding Day   WEDDING DAY January 2002

Getting married? Check out Antonia's fragrance advice to future brides...
Rosie   ROSIE November 2001

"Emmy winner Sela Ward has figured out how to stop the clock. Check out the goods in her makeup bag"
Country Living   COUNTRY LIVING July 2001

"Antonia's Flowers Floret has notes of sweet pea and lily of the valley."
New Jersey Life   NEW JERSEY LIFE July 2001

"Lover's of her legendary eau de toilettes have reason to rejoice!"
Red   RED May 2001

"Tiempe Passate perfume."
Sunday   SUNDAY April 2001

"Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of Antonia Bellanca's small but perfectly formed fragrance range"
Red   RED February 2001

"Oscar nominee Kate Winslet wears the discreet scent Tiempe Passate, by Antonia's Flowers, available from Space NK."
W   W February 2001

"As the proprietor of the East Hampton shop Antonia's Flowers, Antonia Bellanca supplied locals such as Calvin Klein and Donna Karan with artful arrangements before she hit upon the idea of distilling the flowers' scents"
Women's Journal   WOMEN'S JOURNAL September 2000

"Antonia Bellanca, creator of best-selling cult perfume Antonia's Flowers and of a new fragrance reminiscent of the heavy scents of the 1940's, Tiempe Passate.
Good Housekeeping   GOOD HOUSEKEEPING November 2000

"Inhale the truly beautiful salty rose and creamy woods of Tiempe Passate (Time Past) by Antonia's Flowers.
Shape   SHAPE December 2000

"One of the first sensual fragrances of this kind was Antonia Bellanca's Tiempe Passate. She wanted to do something different from her trademark floral scents; something warm, soft and sexy."
Heat   HEAT November 2000

"Jennifer Lopez is a girl who likes to indulge herself."