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Fragrance tips

A person's sense of smell is very individual. Don't make the mistake of wearing a perfume because it smells great on another person — it may not smell the same on you.


When choosing a new fragrance, don't smell too many at once. Limit trials to three or four fragrances and take home samples to try in a variety of settings. Skin acidity, diet, and hormones will affect how a fragrance performs on your skin.
If you find fragrance too cloying or suffer from allergic reactions, try spraying your favorite scent onto your hairbrush or hair accessories.

Store your perfume in a cool, unlit place, preferably the fridge. Heat, airspace, and light will deteriorate a perfume.
Try Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette for night-time use. Eau de Parfum is a deeper, richer formula that lasts longer and promises to make your night out that much more sensual.